Pigeon Telephone Company bills must be paid in full by the due date on the bill, usually the 22nd of the month.

Notices of Proposed Service Cutoff are sent for accounts that are one or two months past due (depending on payment history) and have not been paid by the due date.  THIS IS THE ONLY NOTICE CUSTOMERS WILL RECEIVE BEFORE SERVICE DISCONNECT.

To avoid disconnect, FULL PAYMENT must be received by the disconnection date on the notice (usually the 5th of the month). Payment must be received by 5:00 pm on this date, unless a payment agreement has been reached. If full payment or a settlement agreement is not made by this date, service will be disconnected.

If service is disconnected, it will not be restored until the full amount owed is paid. If you reconnect within ten days, an $25.00 reconnect fee must be paid and a $150 security deposit is required. The security deposit will be returned to you - in full - after nine consecutive months of the full amount due on-time payments.